Pediatric Orthodontics (Two-Stage Treatment)

We recommend that the first meeting with the orthodontist be made around the age of 6-7. In this period, milk teeth and permanent teeth are in the mouth, so it is called mixed dentition.
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Orthodontic treatment usually begins around the age of 12, with the completion of permanent dentition, but in some cases, early intervention may be required.
  • Prematurely lost milk teeth
  • Wrong way of swallowing (tongue protruding between teeth during swallowing),
  • Front open closing,
  • The upper jaw is narrow compared to the lower jaw,
  • Reverse closure of teeth and jaws,
  • The inability of the teeth to erupt due to the limited space in the jaws, their impaction,
  • Being open to trauma and fractures due to protrusion of the upper teeth,
  • 6-7 yaş civarında müdahale edilmesi gereken durumlardan bazılarıdır. Bu yaşta başlanan tedaviler genellikle 6 ay-1yıl arasında sürmektedir.
    After the treatments in the mixed dentition period, the patients are followed up until the age of 12, until the second molars take their place in the mouth.
    After the second molars, which take their place in the mouth around the age of 12, complete their eruption, the patient is re-evaluated and if necessary, the second stage orthodontic treatment, which concerns the entire oral structure, is started.
    Performing the treatment in two stages allows some problems to be solved more effectively, while reducing the total treatment time spent with fixed treatment, preventing conditions such as caries and gum disease that may occur in teeth due to orthodontic problems.
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