Adult Orthodontics

    Orthodontic treatment can be applied not only to children and young people, but also to adults and older people.

    • Treatments postponed as a result of impossibility or lack of referral in the past,
    • Inadequate or incomplete orthodontic treatments
    • Orthodontic problems due to teeth lost over the years
    • Problems caused by gum recession or bone loss

    necessitates treatment in adulthood.

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If your teeth are healthy, you can fix them at any age!!

Many different methods make these treatments attractive for adults, and if you have a healthy tooth structure, they allow you to have a natural and beautiful smile with your own teeth.

Methods such as Aesthetic (Porcelain) Brackets, Lingual Orthodontics (Hidden wires, Incognito, Harmony), Transparent Plates (Invisalign and other Aligner systems) prevent orthodontic treatment from being noticed as an alternative to metal brackets and wires.

Thus, regardless of your age and location, you can have straight teeth without worry.

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