About Me

Kevser Yeşilkaya

I was born on January 5, 1988 in Adana. After graduating from Mersin 75. Yıl Anatolian Teacher High School in 2006, I started my 5-year graduate education at Sivas Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Dentistry. I graduated from the University in 2011. In 2012, I started my specialization training in the Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Çukurova University, by winning the Specialization Exam in Dentistry. During my specialization education, I participated in many various trainings, seminars and congresses. In 2017, after I successfully completed my thesis on 'Examination of the long-term effect of the twin force bite corrector appliance on the joint position and lateral cephalometric values ​​in self-ligating bracket systems', I passed the specialty final exam and received the title of Specialist Dentist. I continue my professional life as an orthodontist in Adana. I am a member of the American Orthodontists Association (AAO), European Orthodontic Society (EOS), World Orthodontists Association (WFO), Turkish Orthodontic Society (TOD). Special topics such as adult orthodontics, orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, orthognathic surgery, smile design are also my field of interest.

Courses and Congresses

- 2020, Invisalign Certification Course, Dr. Federico Migliori.
- 2020, 'Simplify Your Orthodontic Approaches with Technology' Chris Chang, Istanbul, Turkey.
- 2015, 'Orthognathic Surgery Preparation Course' Dr. Toros Alcan, Dr. Korkmaz Sayinsu, Istanbul, Turkey.
- 2015, 'Integrated Case Management with Smartclip' Marcin Zwolinski, Adana, Turkey.
- 2015, 'Inter-Arch Treatment Mechanics, Part 1- Class II Treatment' Richard McLaughlin, Istanbul, Turkey.
- 2015, 'Understanding the Damon System' Andrey Tikhonov, Izmir, Turkey.
- 2014, 'Facial Esthetics From Childhood to Adulthood' Domingo Martin, Istanbul, Turkey.
- 2014, 'What and How I Facilitate the Clinic with Minivida: Basic Practice and Current Approaches' Dr. Murat Tozlu, Ankara, Turkey.
- 2014, 14th International Turkish Orthodontic Society Congress, Ankara, Turkey
- 2013, 13th International Turkish Orthodontic Society Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey.
- 2013, 'Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics and the Pre-adjusted Appliance' Richard McLauglin, Istanbul, Turkey.

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