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24 September 2022

We were guests of Burcu Esmersoy

We were guests of the Weekend with Burcu program presented by Burcu Esmersoy, which is broadcast on Star TV every weekend, on Sunday, September 18, and we had a pleasant conversation with you about the latest developments in transparent aligner treatment and orthodontics.
21 September 2022

Diamond Apex Award

The 'Diamond Apex' level award night, which is given to the physicians who treat the largest number of patients with Invisalign clear aligners, was held all over the world. Orthodontist Kevser Yeşilkaya entered the 1% zone and received the Diamond Apex Invisalign Doctor award. Orthodontist Kevser Yeşilkaya said: “I am very happy and proud to thank the Invisalign family...
31 August 2021

Transparent Plaque Treatment by Orthodontist

Orthodontic Specialist Dr. said that by bringing the teeth to the correct closing relationship with each other, the abrasions that may occur on the teeth are prevented. Kevser Yeşilkaya says, "In this way, the chewing function is corrected, the forces generated during chewing are transmitted parallel to the teeth, and the teeth are prevented from being exposed to excessive force."